Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Spoonchallenge

Last month I participated in the Spoonchallenge, a drawing a day prompt from Spoonflower which was then shared on social media. I did enjoy it and also enjoyed discovering instagram. I didn't complete the last few drawings until just after the end of the challenge but got there in the end. Hopefully one day I might make a few of these drawings into fabric designs.

Fabulous Finds

Found some great things at the market and from our visit to Mannum this weekend.
 These were only $2 each.

There is a very nice lady with a stall at the market that knows I love retro and the colour orange, she had these two plates. My mum actually remembers making something like this in the 1960's when she was about 17.

The nice lady also had this table cloth (put aside for me I think) that I admired on her table a few months back.

This magazine from 1969 was in one of the collectable shops at Mannum. I love some of the patterns especially this pig.

Also from Mannum this cool retro fabric.

Mannum Falls

We visited the Mannum Falls again this weekend, it was a beautiful day. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the very top section, I hope we can come back again soon before it is warm enough for the snakes to come out.

The Local Wildlife

A visitor to our garden this week.

It is not normal to find an echidna in your garden although they do live in the bush land behind the school and at the top of our street. Even if you are walking through the bush they are not often visible. This little fellow was so adorable and I hope we might see him again one day.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Beetles Moths Lichen and Moss

While we were away I squeezed in a little time to do a design for the Spoonflower Beetle contest. Maybe the lichens in my mother-in-law's garden influenced my design a little. I was lucky enough to place in the top ten along with some very pretty beetle designs.

The Crystal Castle

We visited the Crystal Castle while we were away. There are beautiful extensive gardens and an amazing collection of gemstones and crystals with a gift shop and cafe. We took the half hour drive to get there over interesting back roads with amazing views of the mountains in the distance and lush tropical vegetation.

The boys loved exploring and looking at the gigantic crystals. I absolutely loved the gardens especially the bamboo walk.

Holiday to NSW and Queensland

We have been away this month on a holiday with family up in northern NSW. It was great to spend time with my husband's family and to have a break from the winter weather. Here a few photos of their beautiful garden set on three and a half acres in a quiet rural town.

 The view once you emerge from the scrub at the bottom of the property.

 The boys enjoyed exploring the garden.

So many pretty flowers.

 There are many decorative bikes and trikes throughout the garden.

 This little bird was about the only one I could get really close to for a decent photograph. He loved the grevillea.

Many trees and objects in the garden are covered in these delicate lichens.

There was a visitor in the roof above the bedroom, he came out to sun himself some mornings.
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