Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Market Tote

Just finished working on a design for a market tote today. I used the little gold finches that have been in the Chinese Elm outside our kitchen window as inspiration. The cut and sew panel can be used for either a tote with contrast lining or two cushions. There is extra pieces on a wider width for the linen cotton canvas that include a zipper pouch with contrast lining as well as an extra section of the lining design that could be used for pockets inside the bag.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spring Garden Panel and Fabrics

This week my swatches arrived from Spoonflower along with the Spring Garden cheater panel. The panel was designed for a restricted palette contest a few months back, now just to decide which fabric to use for the binding and back.

The panel could also be cut into four quarters for cushions or the smaller sixteen panels for smaller projects, maybe to applique onto a denim bag or make a square zipper pouch or small drawstring bag. Below are the fabrics that co-ordinate back to the panel.

Some close-up shots of the panel to see the textures and pattern in more detail. The panel and fabrics will be available for sale at Spoonflower.

The Local Wildlife

These sweet little birds were feasting on the seeds from a Chinese Elm outside our kitchen window this morning. We saw them for the first time yesterday, it is lovely to watch them while doing the dishes or preparing a meal.

 There have been many Honeyeaters feeding in the Banksia and Irish Srawberry trees in our backyard as well.

The Rainbow Lorikeets have also been eating the seeds of the Chinese Elms, these photos were taken outside our dining room window.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sleepy Time

I was so excited to win the bedtime contest at Spoonflower last week. There were lots of lovely entries and I love the top ten fat quarter fabric bundle. It is always a challenge to work with a limited palette but all the designs look great and they are perfect colours for a night time theme.

Top ten fabric bundle available at Spoonflower this week.

From the Garden

Some of the belladonna lilies flowering in our garden this year. Often they can be seen flowering on the side of the road or around old ruined stone buildings in the Adelaide Hills.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Crochet Scarf Finished

Finished the crochet scarf yesterday and it is a lot thicker than I had intended which means it will be extremely warm. Next I am going to attempt a rug but with a much larger crochet hook.

Baking Day

I spent most of today baking, as plums are in season it was a good opportunity to make individual plum cakes and then chocolate cakes followed by a zucchini slice and then honey biscuits.

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